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SWI35.. Series

Category: Multiswitches
Type: Cascadable show products

SWI3504P.: 271013-C
SWI3504A10: 271008
SWI3504A.: 271011-C
SWI3504T.: 271015-C
SWI3506P.: 271014-C
SWI3506A10: 271009
SWI3506A.: 271012-C
SWI3508P.: 271018-C
SWI3508A10: 271010
SWI3508A.: 271017-C
SWI3508T: 271019-C

Code 271013-C, 271008, 271011-C, 271015-C, 271014-C, 271009, 271012-C, 271016-C, 271018-C, 271010, 271017-C, 271019-C