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Active helical UHF band aerial complete with F connector and an LED monitoring system and an automatic gain control (AGC).

  • It is an evolution of the Loop Yagi technology, already adopted to Fracarro.
  • No tool needs for mounting ELIKA series, thanks to premounted elements, quick coupling radiator and reflectors and mast bracket with zenith adjustment and large wingnut.
  • 5G and 4G LTE filter inserted in the radiator dipole.
  • High gain, extraordinary directivity and almost total absence of the lateral lobes.
  • Exclusive Elika design patented by Fracarro.
  • Single packaging with plastic bag.

1 in stock

Technical Chars

Code 213230
Elements no. 1
Band UHF
Channels E21-E48
Bandwidth MHz 470-694
Gain dBi 47
AGC Dynamic dBµV 65-80
Output level dBµV 98
Power supply V 12-24
Current consumption mA 45
Front/Back ratio dB 32
Return loss dB -15
Beamwidth (-3dB) ° ±22
Wind load at 120km/h (720N/m²) kg (N) 19 (186.2)
Connector Type F
Impedance Ω 75
Max mast (Ø) mm 60
Dimensions (L x H x W) cm 92 x 82 x 62
Quantity Masterbox pcs 10 (Single with plastic bag)
Unit weight kg 2.30
Total weight kg 27.6
Horizontal polarization Included
Horizontal polarization Tilt adjustment Included
Vertical polarization Included
Vertical polarization Tilt adjustment Included
Auxiliary boom N.P.
Gain Pattern



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