2-input (III+DAB, UHF) mast amplifier with 42dB gain and up to 116dBμV output level on UHF band, separate VHF/UHF amplification with independent gain adjustment (0-15dB) for each input and low noise figure. 790MHz 4G LTE integrated filter.

  • CLIPPER Technology: automatic circuit (made by FRACARRO) which automatically limits the gain of the UHF input in order to guarantee the maximum RF output level and at the same time minimize the intermodulation.
  • RED Compliant: each model perfectly complies the Radio Spectrum and the Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety indicated in recent European directives.
  • Zamak die-cast frame with metal covers for extremely high noise shielding (LTE Free).
  • The protective shell (ABS) has a simplified slide and easy tilting opening for the amplification section, thus facilitating the installer’s work during the cable connections and installation of the mast amplifier.
  • Dip-switch for enable the remote power supply on UHF input or on V+U input, depending on the model.
  • Power Supply status LED and mast strap up to 60mm