2-input (III+DAB, UHF) multiband TV indoor amplifier with 35dB gain and up to 120dBμV output level on UHF band, separate amplification with independent level adjustment (20dB) for each input and low noise figure. 790MHz 4G LTE integrated filter.

  • A.B.L.A. Technology: FRACARRO’s exclusive system for maintain the constant RF output level, set by the dedicated trimmer, even if the RF input level of each input changes (A.B.L.A. independent circuits) with RF output level stabilization even for high variations of the TV input signal and A.B.L.A. dedicated LED status.
  • High shield against LTE interferences (LTE Free)
  • Protective shell: the MBJ EVO are protected by an innovative ABS protective shell non-propagating the flame (Class V0).
  • Suitable for fastening on standard DIN bar with quick release.
  • The MBJ EVOs can be easily installed inside into the wall-mounted enclosures.
  • High performance switching power supply (higher than 80% of efficiency) and self-resetting short circuit protection circuit.
  • Dip-switch for enable the remote power supply on each input (100mA total).
  • Power Supply LED Status.
  • Fast-on connector for the connection to the TV grounding system.