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Aluminium offset dish with 85 cm diameter and included mounting kit

  • Steel disk support
  • Aluminium sat dishes are best suited for installations in harsh climatic environments
  • Assembly KIT included in the package
  • Maximum reception quality for all high definition programs
  • Single packaging

1 in stock

Technical Chars

Code 287411
Dimensions Ø mm 910 x 837
Offset angle ° 21
F/D Ratio 0.66
Elevation Angle angle 1/60
Mast clamp mm 30-60
Material Aluminium
Bracket material Steel
Color Grey
Efficiency % ⋝70%
Wind load 120 km/h kg 70
Diameter 85
Dish RO85AP
Dual feed dual feed 6°
Mounting kit ZNO85PX5G cod. 289829 incluso
Packing pcs 1

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