LP345MF 700

Code 216254

LOG Periodic 5G

Log-periodic MINI pre-assembled aerials for broadband characterized by extremely easy connection due to the F connector being located near the mast clamp.

Technical chars

  • Thanks to the special pole mount, the aerial can be installed in both vertical and horizontal polarisation without adaptors or other accessories.

  • The geometric distribution of the dipoles has been redesigned to achieve excellent filtering for interfering signals in the 5G and 4G LTE band above 694 MHz reserved for mobile telephony.

  • It features excellent mechanical resistance for fixing the elements to the cradle, excellent mechanical resistance to rotation on the pole, and good electrical performance.

  • The F connector is protected by a bayonet connector cover.

  • Its design has been registered and made exclusive to the Australian market.

  • Black colour aerial.

LP345MF 700
Code 216254
Elements 15+15
Band 3+DAB / UHF
Channel E5-E12 + DAB / E21-E48
Bandwidth MHz 174-240 / 470-694
Gain dBi 8.5 / 10
Front/Back ratio dB 22 / 30
Return loss dB -14 / -13
Beam width (3dB) ° ±34 / ±30
Wind load 120Km/h 729N/m² Kg (N) 2.7 (26.5)
Connector F
Impedence Ohm 75
Max mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions cm 77 x 86
Horizontal polarisation Included
Horizontal polarisation tilt adjustment PV10 (210011)
Vertical polarisation Included
Vertical polarisation tilt adjustment PV10 (210011)
Auxiliary boom -
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 20
EAN code 8016978104109
Multiple EAN 8016978104291
Packaging dimensions mm 760 x 1210 x 420
Packaging weight Kg 19.2
Unit weight Kg 0.90
Total weight Kg 18.5

Gain (x: MHz frequency, y: ISO dBi gain) and Polar diagram (@200MHz)

Gain (x: MHz frequency, y: ISO dBi gain) and Polar diagram (@600MHz)


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