Hospitality solutions

Solutions for the centralized distribution of television services from satellite, DTT or data within hospitality contexts such as hotels, campsites, commercial facilities, hospitals or prisons, where traditional television signals are distributed with the addition of foreign language signals.
Distribution of free services (FTA), coming from satellite broadcasters such as Eutelsat Hotbird 13°E, Astra 19°E, etc. or from pay-per-view DTT providers through a single reception system. The distribution of services can be achieved through a traditional distribution in coaxial cable or in optical fibre. The flexibility of FRACARRO Hospitality solutions allows you to choose the contents to distribute (FTA or PAY-PER-VIEW), and choose the technology through which to distribute them (coaxial, optical fibre, IPTV).

Fracarro technology for hotels

Offering its guests excellent service also from a technological point of view is a very important value. Fracarro is able to design the most suitable communication infrastructure for your hotel, respecting the constraints of the system and the needs of the customers, with the use of all transmission vectors: from simple coaxial cable, to IPTV, to fiber optic.

With Fracarro’s solutions, each hotelier has the possibility to select digital terrestrial and satellite television programs according to the needs of their guests, according to the nationality of origin or the chosen language; the offer is huge and includes all DTT and SAT channels, free of charge and pay-per-view.

Communicate with guests

Fracarro hospitality systems also offer the best of technology in terms of communication with the guest: for example, with an IPTV solution, through the welcome video channels it is possible to provide customers with promotional messages and personalized information on the hotel’s initiatives. The guest, in turn, can use this tool to request services directly from the hotel management, in a simple and functional way.

Digital Signage System

The offer is completed by the digital signage system that allows guests to be provided with useful information through all the displays of the structure.


For over 85 years, Fracarro has been designing and manufacturing systems for receiving and distributing audio video data signals inside buildings, using the most advanced technologies.
The commitment has always been to offer high quality and very flexible solutions, capable of adapting to the user’s needs and the characteristics of the system.

Among the examples of Fracarro hospitality solutions, the ISAMAR HOLIDAY VILLAGE residence in Chioggia, Venice, Italy equipped with a satellite TV distribution system with mixed coaxial technology and HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) optical fibre.

Fracarro’s solutions


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