Optical Fibre Solutions (FTTH)

Multiservice solutions for the distribution of all services such as TV, Satellite, data, for residential buildings. The new condominiums and the renovated ones will be up to standard only if equipped with ultra-broadband digital fibre optic systems, to provide connections and services in step with technological evolutions.

Components of the multiservice system


Head terminal

It is used to organize the optical connections of signals available in the attic (TV, SAT, provider).


Main Building Optical Cabinet

It is the access point where all the main services available in the building converge (TV, SAT, telephone providers, etc.). From here start the optical fibers that connect all the apartments.


Apartment Optical termination box

It is the terminal point envisaged by the multi-service system and must be installed in the immediate vicinity of the real estate units, usually within the QDSA.


Housing cabinet for aparment signal distribution

It is the apartment optical termination switchboard to which the fiber optic cables from the CSOE arrive. Within the QDSA, all the services to the sockets of the apartment (data, TV, SAT) are organized and distributed.

Fracarro’s solutions

Depending on the needs of the system, Fracarro supplies different types of solutions for the creation of multi-service architectures in optical fiber.