Code 235057


Central unit with 1 input (RC+VHF+UHF+SAT) self-powered indoor with 45dB gain and output level up to 127dBμV in UHF band, separate gain and slope adjustment (20dB) on TV and SAT bands, and low noise figure.

Technical chars

  • Active or passive return channel selection jumper.
  • The high gain and high output level make it ideal for use in medium to large centralised systems.
  • High shielding against LTE noise (LTE Free) thanks to die-cast ZAMA chassis with F-connectors and metal cover with captive screws covering the amplification section.
  • Adjustments on the inside, under the cover, to prevent tampering by third parties.
  • -30dB test socket available on all models.
  • High-efficiency, low-power switching power supply.
  • Clamp for connecting the TV system earth.
Code 235057
Input no. 1
Inputs RC + VHF + UHF (694MHz) + SAT
VHF Frequency MHz 87 - 230
Frequency MHz 470 - 862
Frequency MHz 950 - 2400
Gain dB RC: 25; TV: 42; SAT: 41
Gain adjustment dB

RC: 20; TV and SAT: 20
(20 slope)

Optical noise figure dB RC+TV: 8; SAT: 10
Outputs number 1
Output level dBµV TV: 127; SAT: 125
Connectors F female
Power supply voltage Vdc/A 220-230 / 50-60
Current consumption W 16
Isolation class II
Output test dB -30
Impedence Ohm 75
Operating temperature °C -10 to +55
Protection IP20
Conformity EN 50083-2
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978103485
Packaging dimensions mm 245 x 190 x 60
Product dimensions mm 194 x 143 x 53
Net Weight Kg 2.1
Weight Kg 2.2


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