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The exclusive range of OPT-PDM miniaturized optical receivers exploits the potential offered by the FTTH passive optical infrastructure to create a TV-SAT (IF-IF) distribution system even in small and medium-sized residential systems.

The optical receivers are completely passive and no power is required. The only light component available at the output of the OPT-MBJ optical transmitter and transported by the optical fiber is sufficient to make the optical receivers work and to have the correct RF signal at the highest quality on the coaxial output connector to be connected to the TVs or decoders sat.

(dimensions 47x33x15mm)

Technical chars

The kit contains:

  • 1 x OPT 3US TX optical transmitter (270657)

  • 1 x VOV4 miniature splitter (287211)

  • 5 x 10m MINI optical patch cords (287221)

  • 1 x MINI-SC/APC PR ADAPT adaptor (287226)

  • 4 x OPT-PDM-MINI miniaturised passive optical receivers (270654)

Code 270700
Dimensions and packaging
EAN code 8016978106127


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