Code 271138

IF-IF Headends

Compact IF-IF central unit to convert up to 32 DVB-S/S2 transponders with SCD2 (dCSS) technology; 4 satellite inputs, 1 passive TV input and 1 mixed derivative with total Satellite 127dBuV output level; Satellite 20dB gain adjustment and Satellite 15dB slope adjustment.

Technical chars

  • SCD2-32IF SSA: 4 Satellite inputs, 1 passive TV input and 1 mixed derivative with: total Satellite output level 127dBuV; sockets up to 150 metres from the headend can be served; Satellite gain adjustment 20dB and Satellite slope adjustment 15dB.

  • Automatic Gain Control (CAG): maintains adequate output level even when input transponder power varies (from 55dBuV to 85dBuV).

  • Compatible with both traditional LNB(UX-QT LTE) and Wideband LNB (UX-WB LTE) to manage the 4 polarities of a satellite with only two cables.

  • LEDs monitor: operation of the part, connection to the USB port, correct product power-up and the presence of any input short-circuit.

  • In isofrequency configuration; the product can also be used to equalise and amplify an entire satellite polarity.

  • Fixed (IF-IF) or Dynamic mode (driven by the DiSEqC commands of the SCR or SCD2 decoder).

  • Configurable slope of the generated signal (up to 8dB, adding to the 15dB in the SCD2-32IF SSA model) to compensate for cable loss in distribution.

  • Dual power ports to provide more robustness to the system.

  • External power supply PSU1430F (14V, 3A) included in the package

  • Compact size, especially when compared to an equivalent IF-IF central unit with 32 programmable filters.

  • Free PC configuration SW on site, to define via the USB port: input and output frequencies and other control unit configuration parameters (level, tilt, ...).

Code 271138
Inputs 4 SAT, 1 TV
Outputs 1 SAT + TV
Taps 1 (SAT, TV)
Transponder no. 32
Bandwidth MHz 250-2350
Gain adjustment dB 20
SAT tilt adjustment dB 15
Slope adjustment for transponder dB 8 (via SW)
AGC dBµV 55-85
Maximum input level SAT dBµV 97
Max Output level SAT per transponder dBµV 112
Max Output level (single tone) dBµV 107
Max Output level dBµV 127
TV bandwidth MHz 114-790
Insertion loss dB -2
Transponder no. 32
Operating method IF-IF Static / SCR / SCD2 (dCSS)
SAT bandwidth MHz 950-2150
Bandwidth SAT per transponder MHz 20-60
Sat frequency precision KHz < 50
Switching standards DiSEqC-SCIF 1st and 2nd generation (SCD / SCD2) SCR (EN50494) and SCD2 (EN50607)
Power supply voltage Vdc/A 220-240 / 50-60
Mains plug 2 with F-connectors (the second one is optional, it only serves to make the workpiece more robust)
Current consumption without LNB mA 600 @12V
Current consumption with LNB mA 1200 @12V
Maximum power supply current SAT mA 600 @12V
Dimensions power supply mm 120x72x35
Operating temperature °C -10 to +55
SAT-SAT Isolation dB >35
TV-SAT Isolation dB >25
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978099764
Packaging dimensions mm 428 x 171 x 75
Product dimensions mm 200 x 110 x 30
Packaging weight Kg 0.98


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