Code 271171

4 Inputs ABLA

Head amplifier with 4 satellite inputs, A.B.L.A. technology and output level and slope adjustment.

Technical chars

  • ABLA technology output level and slope adjustment for each Satellite input.

  • Thanks to A.B.L.A. (Automatic Building Level Adjustment) technology, the amplifier maintains the set output level even when the input signal strength varies.

  • A.B.L.A. LEDs light up when the automatic output signal adjustment is working properly; if the input level is too low, the LED goes out and the product behaves like a normal fixed-gain Satellite amplifier (36dB).

  • High Satellite output level (121dBµV) and excellent separation between inputs (35dB).

  • Powered remotely via Satellite 1 (VL), 2 (HL) and 3 (VH) lines or by DC connector on the side of the mechanism.

  • DC pass-through on Satellite HH line.

  • Voltage passage from DC port downwards protected against overloads and controlled by DIP switch located on the side of the mechanism.

  • Double power supplyport to offer greater robustness to the system.

  • Currentoverload protection on the DC port.

  • Ideal for medium and large installations or where there are long distances between multiswitches.

  • Easy to install thanks to new trimmers and standard input colouring.

  • External power supply PSU1430F (14V, 3A) included in the package

Code 271171
Inputs 4 SAT
Outputs 4 SAT
Bandwidth MHz 950-2150
Gain dB Self-adjusted A.B.L.A. 16-36
SAT tilt adjustment dB 15
AGC dBµV It depends on the set output level: 65-85 @101dBµV; 85-105 @121dBµV
Max Output level dBµV 101-121
Return loss dB 10
Power supply voltage Vdc/A 220-240 / 50-60
Absorption mA

550 @12V

Max current consumption LNB mA 900
Maximum power supply current SAT mA 2000
Dimensions power supply mm 120 x 72 x 35
Operating temperature °C -10 to +55
SAT-SAT Isolation dB ≥35
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978101627
Packaging dimensions mm 234 x 166 x 45
Product dimensions mm 160 x 110 x 30
Packaging weight Kg 0.81


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