Code 280711


Vertical 1-way shunt with 14dB attenuation and F connector in TV and Satellite band(5-2400MHz).

Technical chars

  • The elegant and compact design allows installation in any junction box.
  • Die-cast and nickel-plated, it ensures high performance, with very low insertion loss, high return loss and insulation.
  • Prepared for earth connection and wall mounting.
  • DC is allowed to pass between the feed-through output and the input.
Code 280711
Taps 1
Insertion loss
RC 5-40MHz dB 1
TV 47-862MHz dB 0.8
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 1.2
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 1.3
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 1.5
Tap loss
RC 5-40MHz dB 14
TV 47-862MHz dB 14
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 14
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 14
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 14
Outputs Isolation
RC 5-40MHz dB 32
TV 47-862MHz dB 29
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 28
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 30
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 25
Tap loss dB 14
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 10
EAN code 8016978007547
Multiple EAN 8016978007554
Packaging dimensions mm 150 x 110 x 50
Packaging weight Kg 0.56


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