Code 287272

Mechanical accessories

Adjustable, hot-dip galvanized tripod support

Technical chars

  • Adjustable
  • Hot-dip galvanising
Code 287272
Clamps caratteristics

A: adjustable from 26 to 42cm
B: min 35cm - max 43cm
C: min 23cm - max 33cm
Frame: flat 30 x 5mm - 3 fixing holes Ø 11mm
Toothed brackets 2.5mm thick
Screws M8 x 120mm QST
For poles Ø from 30 to 55mm

Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 12
EAN code 8016978093670
Multiple EAN 8016978093687
Packaging dimensions mm 310 x 300 x 190
Packaging weight Kg 28.85


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