Code 287526

75-90 cm

Composite offset dish with 75cm diameter and included mounting kit

Technical chars

  • High UV and physical stress resistance due to glass fiber reinforced material (SMC).
  • Steel disc holder.
  • All models have their ZO75CC mounting KIT included in the package.
  • Maximum reception quality for all high-definition programs.
  • Single package.
Frequency range MHz 10700-12750
Dimensions cm 75 x 71
Offset angle ° 23
Efficiency % ≥ 70
Fornt back ratio dB 0.6
Elevation angle ° 15/45
Mast clamp mm 30-50
Wind load 120Km/h 729N/m² Kg (N) 47 (460.9)
Bracket material Steel
Diameter cm 75
Material S.M.C.
Colour Light grey
Mounting kit ZO75CC included
Gain 11.7GHz dB 37.6
Dimensions and packaging
EAN code 8016978102624
Unit weight Kg 5.3


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