RK42U 810S

Code 287676


The 19'' 800x1000 42U SERVER rack cabinet, due to its stability and load capacity, is designed for server rooms and the installation of multiple telecommunications, IT and audio/video equipment.
Its dimensions allow the adoption of vertical channels, for easy management of patch cords and optical patch cords, both front and back working, and the installation of racks up to 800 mm deep.
The fully demountable and easy to re-assemble structure makes it ideal in the presence of architectural barriers. The cabinet is delivered assembled.

Technical chars

  • Steel frame
  • 4 adjustable uprights
  • Grilled front door
  • Removable side and rear panels
  • Pre-arrangement on roof for installation of ventilation system
  • Provision for cable access from below and above
  • Adjustable feet
RK42U 810S
Code 287676
Unit 42U
Net Weight Kg 116
Load capacity kg 800
Base and roof structure
Material Sheet steel
Thickness mm 15/10
Predisposition Pre-cut base for cable entry and roof for cooling fan installation.
External uprights
Material Sheet steel
Quantity 4
Thickness mm 20/10
Side panels
Typology Removable with quick release 1/4 turn key
Quantity 2
Thickness mm 12/10
Rear panel
Typology Removable with quick release 1/4 turn key
Thickness mm 12/10
Front door
Typology Grill
Handle Ergonomic retractable with key
Opening angle ° 130
Internal uprights
Typology Depth adjustable
Quantity 4
Material Galvanised steel
Thickness mm 20/10
Floor supports
Typology Adjustable feet
Quantity 4
Typology Epoxy-polyester
RAL 9005
Colour Black
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978107148
Packaging dimensions mm 900 x 1100 x 2150

Rack cabinet details

  • A. Roof rack cabinet
  • B. Galvanised internal upright
  • C. Side panel closing detail
  • D. Removable side panel
  • E. Front door opening


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