Code 287684

On the wall

The Rack 19'' 600x450 9U PRO WALL cabinet has been designed for smaller rooms where space is required, guaranteeing fast fixing and easy access for equipment installation and maintenance.
The ventilated roof is prepared for the installation of fans, cable slots and a bracket for wall mounting.

Technical chars

  • Steel structure
  • Fixed uprights
  • Tempered glass front door
  • Removable side panels
  • Pre-arrangement on roof for installation of ventilation system
  • Provision for cable access from below and above
Code 287684
Unit 9U
Net Weight Kg 14.7
Load capacity kg 60
Base and roof structure
Material Sheet steel
Predisposition Pre-cut base and roof for fan installation and cable entry
Side panels
Typology Removable via quick release
Quantity 2
Front door
Typology Reversible tempered glass with locking key
Opening angle ° 180
Internal uprights
Typology Fixed
Typology Epoxy-polyester
RAL 9005
Color Black
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978107223
Packaging dimensions mm 620x460x500
Packaging weight Kg 16

Rack cabinet details

  1. Telaio
  2. Porta frontale
  3. Pannello laterale
  4. Staffa a L
  5. Pannello posteriore
  6. Montanti interni


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