Vertical forest

SAT TV distribution with fiber optic technology

Design: Globalcom Srl, AllSystems.
Location: Milano, Porta Nuova


Make available to all real estate units the complete signal of Hot Bird, 13° E, the complete spectrum of signals available from the air and some satellite signals converted to DTT, for unencrypted viewing by users without the use of SAT decoders. Create a system that is always adequate over the years, without expandability constraints.


The structure of the head end was located on the 8th floor of building C, and consists of:

  • 150 cm satellite reception antenna, for the 13° E orbital position
  • VHF + UHF reception system in the direction of Sempione and Valcava
  • Satellite signal amplification unit
  • Cluster processing center for airborne signals
  • QPSK>COFDM transmodulators for signal integration in distribution.

The signals thus processed are transferred to a transmission apparatus FO, operating in the 3rd window, with a CWDM coupling system of the single transmitters dedicated to each transferred band.

Downstream of the transmission apparatus there is an optical splitter system (1:8), from which the FO lines dedicated to each of the blocks of the complex branch off, and in particular 1 FO line for each of the buildings B1–B2–B3 and 2 FO lines for each of the buildings D–E.

The FO cable used for these interconnection lines is of the ‘armored’ type, with the availability of 8 Single Mode fibers for each line, allowing a high potential for expansion of transferable services in the future as well.

System scheme