Ca’ delle Alzaie

Fibre optic TV SAT system

Construction:Cazzaro Costruzioni
Installation: I.TI.EFFE SNC
Location: Treviso


In this exceptional residential development, designed by architect Stefano Boeri, the TV distribution system must also be of the highest level, guaranteeing the 3 buildings complete availability of all digital signals, with a structure that is open to technological evolution and also easily expandable.

Ca' delle Alzaie
Ca' delle Alzaie


Future proof fibre optic system.

Each of the three buildings that make up the residential complex are equipped with an antenna array consisting of:

1 PT100C 100cm aluminium dish, with Quattro LNB
1 BLV6F antenna for Band III
1 Elika antenna for the UHF band

TV signals are filtered, equalised and amplified by the FRPRO EVO IT control unit and then sent to the OPT-TX-1550 optical transmitter, which also receives satellite signals from the dish.
The transmitter sends the optical signals to the TDT headend, which allows up to 8 different off-air services to be managed (ADSL or IoT services, for example, may be distributed in addition to TV in the future).

Through the optical fibre – with all the advantages associated with this medium, particularly with regard to high performance – the signals reach the other components of the multi-service system installed in the technical room: the Building Optical Distributor (ROE) and the Building Optical Star Centre (CSOE). From here the distribution to the individual housing units begins.

In each individual apartment, the Optical Termination Boxes (STOA) are set up and connected to the OPT-RX SCR Micro optical receivers that convert the optical signals into electrical signals to be distributed via coaxial cable. Each optical receiver is equipped with 2 x SCR/dCSS and 2 x Legacy outputs that allow up to 10 outlet points to be connected and makes the system suitable for use with SkyQ decoders.
The system is open to technological evolution and expansion, being able to distribute further services, depending on the users’ needs, and is already prepared for the implementation of GPON systems e.g. for video door entry or video surveillance of common areas.

Installation scheme