Code 270660


The OPT-RX SCD MICRO receiver converts the optical input signal into a coaxial signal available on two dCSS (SCD2) and two Legacy outputs, all with the TV signal mixed. The receiver can be powered directly from the set-top-boxes or via a dedicated DC connector. The product has a multifunctional green LED that provides the installer with various information:

  • ALWAYS ON: the product is fully functional.
  • BLINKING: start-up or reboot.

Technical chars

  • Low current consumption
  • Standard SC/APC optical connector
  • Quick and easy installation due to very small dimensions
  • Optical budget: up to 21dB
  • Optical range extended reception (from -8dBmo to -14dBmo)
  • Full band: 87-862 for TV / 950-2150 for SAT polarities
  • Multi-function LEDs: power status and signalling.
Code 270660
Optical input
Optical input connector SC/APC
Wavelength input nm 1260-1650
Optical input power dBm ≤ -8
RF output
Connectors type F Female
Return loss dB -10
Outputs 2 up to 32 SCD2 users (dCSS) + 2 Legacy
Output level TV
8dBmo 8 transponder dBµV 81
8dBmo 16 transponder dBµV 78
8dBmo 40 transponder dBµV 74
14dBmo 8 transponder dBµV 69
14dBmo 16 transponder dBµV 66
14dBmo 40 transponder dBµV 62
SCR Frequencies MHz 1210, 1420, 1680, 2040 (standard EN50494) 985, 1050, 1115, 1275, 1340, 1485, 1550, 1615, 1745, 1810, 1875, 1840 (standard EN50607)
Output level SAT
8dBmo dBµV 82
14dBmo dBµV 82
Power supply voltage V 14/18 from all exits
Current consumption mA 430@18V 620@12V
Current consumption W 9
  • Green LED on: normal operation (properly powered)
  • LED flashing: start up or reboot
Working temperature °C From -5 to +50
Conformity IEC EN 50083-2
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978101719
Packaging dimensions mm 213x126x38
Product dimensions mm 160x100x36
Packaging weight Kg 0.395


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