Code 211203

Penta 85 Series

Aluminium offset grey dish with 85 cm equivalent diameter. Single packaging.

Technical chars

  • Steel disc holder with Aluminium/Zinc treatment.
  • Aluminium reflectors are best suited for installation in harsh climatic environments.
  • Double-focus mount available on all models.
  • Single pack models all have a mounting kit ZNC85 included, for multi pack models the bracket must be ordered separately (ZNC85X10 cod. 211208).
  • Highest reception quality for all high definition programmes.
  • High efficiency and excellent isolation from cross polarisation.
  • Available in aluminium or steel in white, grey and brick red colours.
  • Fracarro patent.
Frequency range MHz 10700-12750
Dimensions cm 77.5 x 77.5
Offset angle ° 22.1
Efficiency % ≥ 70
Gain 10.95GHz dB 39
Cross polarization dB ˃38
Side beam dB ˂-34
Noise temperature °K 40
Fornt back ratio dB 0.7
Beam width (3dB) ° 2.2
LNB Clamp mm 23-28; 40; 60
Elevation angle ° ≤ 60
Mast clamp mm 35-80
Bracket material Steel - aluminium/zinc treated
Diameter cm 85
Material Aluminum
Color Grey
Dual feed DFP85 cod. 211001
Mounting kit ZNC85 included
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978000456
Packaging dimensions mm 800x120x1035
Packaging weight Kg 8.15


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