Code 213009

FM and DAB

FM band aerial complete with F connector. Different design for the radio signals reception.

Technical chars

Code 213009
Elements 1
Band FM
Bandwidth MHz 87.5-108
Gain dBi 2.1
Front/Back ratio dB Omni
Return loss dB -10
Beam width (3dB) ° 360
Wind load 120Km/h 729N/m² Kg (N) 2.7 (26.5)
Connector F
Impedence Ohm 75
Max mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions cm 63 x 10.5
Horizontal polarization Included
Horizontal polarization tilt adjustment -
Vertical polarization -
Auxiliary boom -
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 10
EAN code 8016978079018
Multiple EAN 8016978079605
Packaging dimensions mm 880 x 450 x 320
Packaging weight Kg 9.62
Unit weight Kg 0.84
Total weight Kg 8.6

Gain (x: MHz frequency, y: ISO dBi gain) and Pattern (@105MHz for ANT1200A and FMOMNI, @230MHz for DAB)


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