Code 218038

BLV Series

Premounted 4 elements and high quality Band III aerial complete with F connector.

Technical chars

  • Zenith adjustment as standard
  • High gain, excellent impedance matching and excellent directivity.
  • Ensures exceptional durability of electrical and mechanical qualities
  • Exclusive Fracarro design
Code 218038
Elements 4
Band 3
Channel E5-E12
Bandwidth MHz 174-230
Gain dBi 10.5
Front/Back ratio dB 20
Return loss dB -23
Beam width (3dB) ° ±31
Wind load 120Km/h 729N/m² Kg (N) 3.0 (29.4)
Connector F
Impedence Ohm 75
Max mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions cm 64 x 87
Horizontal polarization Included
Horizontal polarization tilt adjustment Included
Vertical polarization PV10 (210011)
Vertical polarization tilt adjustment PV10 (210011)
Auxiliary boom N.P.
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 10
EAN code 8016978052394
Unit weight Kg 1.23
Total weight Kg 14.5

Gain (x: MHz frequency, y: ISO dBi gain) and Pattern (@200MHz)


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