MBX5741 T2

Code 235123

4 Inputs

4-input (FM, III+DAB, UHF, UHF) multiband TV indoor amplifier with 43dB gain and up to 125dBμV output level on UHF band, separate amplification with independent level adjustment (20dB) for each input and low noise figure. T2 technology with UHF cut band for LTE 4G @790MHz and 5G @694MHz.

Technical chars

  • Built-in 5G filters to maximise gain and signal level in distribution compared to the use of an external filter.
  • The high gain and high output level make it ideal for use in medium to large centralised systems.
  • High shielding against LTE noise (LTE Free) thanks to die-cast ZAMA chassis with F-connectors and metal cover with captive screws covering the amplification section.
  • Adjustments on the inside, under the cover, to prevent tampering by third parties.
  • -30dB test socket available on all models.
  • Jumpers for inserting remote power supply on all inputs (100mA total), self-resetting short-circuit protection system and power supply status LED.
  • High-performance, low-power switching power supply.
  • Clamp for connection of TV system earth.
MBX5741 T2
Code 235123
Input no. 4
Frequency FM MHz 88 - 108
DAB, III Frequency MHz 174 - 230
Frequency MHz 470 - 694
Gain dB FM: 35; III+DAB: 38; UHF: 43; UHF: 43
Gain adjustment dB FM: 20; III+DAB: 20; UHF: 20; UHF: 20
Optical noise figure dB FM: 4.5; III+DAB: 4.5; UHF: 7.5
Outputs number 1
Output level dBµV FM: 122; III+DAB: 122; UHF: 125
Connectors F female
Filter 5G
Power supply voltage Vac/Hz 220-230 / 50-60
Current consumption W 8.5
Isolation class II
Remote feeding 100mA@12V total
Output test dB -30
Impedence Ohm 75
Working temperature °C From -10 to +55
Protection IP20
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978104864
Packaging dimensions mm 240x185x60
Product dimensions mm 194x143x64
Packaging weight Kg 1.8
Net Weight Kg 2.1
Weight Kg 2.2


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