Code 270662


The OPT OPT-RX 4 MICRO receiver converts the input optical signal to coaxial signal available on the 4 satellite polarities (VL, HL, VH, HH) and an independent TV output available on the dedicated coaxial connector. The receiver can be powered directly from the output polarities. The product has a multifunctional green LED that provides the installer with various information:

  • Always ON: The product is fully functional.
  • BLINKING FAST: HW problem
  • SLOW BLINKING: optical level received out of the correct working range.

Technical chars

  • Low current consumption
  • Standard SC/APC optical connector
  • Quick and easy installation due to very small size
  • Optical budget: up to 21dB
  • Extended optical receiving range (-8dBmo to -14dBmo)
  • Full band: 87-862 for TV / 950-2150 for SAT polarities
  • Multifunction LEDs: power status and signaling.
Code 270662
Optical input
Optical input connector 1 x SC/APC
Wavelength input nm 1260-1650
Optical input power dBm ≤ -8
RF output
Connectors type F Female
Return loss dB -10
Outputs 4 x SAT (VL,HL,VH,HH)+ 1 TV
Output level TV
8dBmo 8 transponder dBµV 85
8dBmo 16 transponder dBµV 82
8dBmo 40 transponder dBµV 78
14dBmo 8 transponder dBµV 67
14dBmo 16 transponder dBµV 64
14dBmo 40 transponder dBµV 66
Output level SAT
8dBmo dBµV 80
14dBmo dBµV 68@TP
Power supply voltage V 14/18 from all outputs
Current consumption mA 180@13V
Current consumption W 2.5
  • Green LED on: normal operation (correctly powered)

  • LED flashing quickly: hardware anomaly

  • LED flashing slowly: optical power out of the operating range

Operating temperature °C -5 to +50
Conformity CEI EN 50083-2 EN60065
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978101344
Packaging dimensions mm 130 x 110 x 37
Product dimensions mm 120 x 100 x 36
Packaging weight Kg 0.312


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