Code 270689


The OPT-TX51 transmitter converts and distributes the 4 satellite polarities and the digital terrestrial signal with a single fiber cable, saving costs and installation times.

The transmitter is equipped with an additional optical input which can be used for the transmission of an auxiliary channel in an optical range between 1260nm - 1500nm.

Technical chars

  • ON LED LIGHT: the LED shows that the OPT-TX51 optical transmitter is ON.
  • ALARM LED: the alarm LED shows that the transmission laser is not working properly.
  • SAT IN: the IF input connectors of the 4 satellite polarizations.
  • TERR (TV IN): F input connector of the TV signal.
  • SAT-TV OPTICAL LINK: SC-APC output connector of the optical transmitter. Used for the link with fibre optics of the signals
  • of the satellite polarizations and TV signals.
  • OPTICAL LINK OF THE AUXILIARY CHANNEL): SC-APC input/output connector of the optical transmitter. Used for the link with fibre optics of the auxiliary channel, if any.
Code 270689
Input RF 5 (4 SAT + 1 TV)
Optical Output 2 SC/APC
SAT inputs
Bandwidth MHz 950-2150
SAT Connectors F Female
Output level SAT dBµV 117
Return loss dB 10
Input TV
Connectors F Female
Input level dBµV 117
Frequency band MHz 87-862
Return loss dB 10
Optical input
Wavelength nm 1510-1530-1550-1570
Optical output
Wavelength nm 1510-1530-1550-1570
Optical power dBm 9
Safety class 1M
Power supply voltage Vac/Hz 220-240 / 50–60
Current consumption W 5
LED Green power supply light
Working temperature °C From -10 to +55
Conformity CEI EN 50083-2 EN60065
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978084814
Packaging dimensions mm 425x170x73
Product dimensions mm 425x170x73
Packaging weight Kg 1.04


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