Code 270905


Wide Fibre receiver which converts the optical signal coming from the OPT-TX WB2 transmitter to coaxial; it has 5 outputs: 4 wideband satellite polarities (V SatA, H SatA, V SatB and H SatB) and the TV signal.

The Wide Fibre solution allows you to transport the signals of one satellite dish and the entire TV band, including FM and DAB radio signals.

They are equipped with 5 separate photodiodes that can manage the 4 wideband polarities and the TV signal separately and use the Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology to demix the different wavelengths.

Technical chars

  • Wideband optical receiver with double satellite outputs (V SatA, H SatA, V SatB and H SatB) and separate TV, DAB and FM signal

  • Extremely reduced size

  • Integrated AGC for maximum stability of the RF output signal

  • Status LEDs for each output for quick diagnostics

  • Extended optical input range (-5dBm to -16dBm) for maximum quality with up to 1x64 optical splitting

  • Dedicated optical wavelength for each satellite wideband polarity and TV band

  • The optical receiver feeds through the coaxial output connectors

  • Recommended auxiliary power supply: PSU1508F (287760) or PSU1215FA (code 287551) in the UK

Code 270905
Optical input
Optical input 1 x SC/APC
Optical input connector 1 SC/APC
Wavelength input nm 1310 (SatA V), 1330 (SatA H), 1350 (SatB V), 1370 (SatB H), 1550 (TV)
Optical input power dBm ≤ -5
RF output
Connectors type F Female
Outputs 4 Wideband SAT polarities (V, H) + 1 TV
Output level TV
8dBmo 16 transponder dBµV 88
Output level SAT
8dBmo dBµV 84
14dBmo dBµV 84
Power supply voltage V 12-18
Current consumption mA 230@12V

Optical level indicator LED; Green: optical level in the correct range

Orange: optical level below the operating range; Red: optical level above the operating range

Operating temperature °C -10 to +55
Storage temperature °C -40 to +70
Conformity CEI EN 50083-2 EN60065
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978108664
Packaging dimensions mm 215 x 125 x 40
Product dimensions mm 114 x 120 x 31
Packaging weight Kg 0.32


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