Code 271175

4 Inputs

4-input cascadable SCD2 (dCSS) multiswitch with CAG; 2 output taps with 16 frequencies each and operating mode autodetection, entirely fed by the receivers or through VL line. SKY Italian frequencies.

Technical chars

  • Series with 4 inputs, 4 trunk outputs and 2 or 4 user taps, 4 SCR tuners and 12 dCSS SCD2 tuners simultaneously for each output.
  • Automatic Gain Control (CAG): maintains an adequate output signal (85dBµV) even when input signal strength varies (from 60dBµV to 95dBµV).
  • Very low pass-through loss, ideal for cascading multiple multiswitches or for inserting into an existing distribution.
  • Autodetection of the operating mode depending on the STB connected to the port; this allows switching from a Legacy STB to an SCR or SCD2 without any intervention on the system. The multiswitch automatically starts in Legacy mode and switches to SCR or SCD2 mode as soon as it detects a DiSEqC command.
  • The multiswitchis fully powered by the decoder.
  • DC pass through on all satellite ports for maximum compatibility with existing installations.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Easy to install thanks to standard input colouring.
  • Optional AMP2000 power supply to power the multiswitch on the VL line when the decoder cannot support the load of the extension.
Code 271175
Inputs 4 SAT
Outputs 4 SAT
Taps 2 to serve up to 2 Legacy users, 8 SCR users or 32 SCD2 users (dCSS)
Bandwidth MHz 950-2150
AGC dBµV 60-95
Max Output level SAT per transponder dBµV Legacy: 78, SCR/SCD2 (dCSS): 85
Insertion loss dB -1
Return loss dB >10
SAT bandwidth MHz 950-2150
SCR Frequencies MHz 1210, 1420, 1680, 2040 (meets standard EN50494); 985, 1050, 1115, 1275,1340, 1485, 1550, 1615,1745, 1810, 1875, 1940 (meets standard EN50607)
Tap mA 350@13V
Power supply voltage V 10-19
Absorption mA

PSU on VL: 330@13V; HL, VH or HH pass

Working temperature °C From -10 to +55
SAT-SAT Isolation dB >30
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978101887
Packaging dimensions mm 115x80x42
Product dimensions mm 90x105x22
Packaging weight Kg 0.202


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