Code 271202


26.5cm modular bracket to install products on to a din bar inside a QDSA or rack.

The modularity and the different holes allow different sized products to be supported; the bracket facilitates the fixing and the release from the din bar.

Technical chars

  • Modular with prefractions, can be 170, 205 or 265 mm long

  • 10, 12 or 15 occupied DIN modules when placed in HORIZONTAL; 3U rack

  • 6 DIN modules occupied when positioned vertically; 4, 5 or 6 U rack

Code 271202
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 2
EAN code 8016978108626
Packaging dimensions mm 356 x 123 x 38
Product dimensions mm 170/205/265 x 100 x 13
Packaging weight Kg 2


Categorie prodotto

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