Code 287458

PAM - DEM Series

4-output clamp splitter of the PAM series in the TV and Satellite band (5-2400MHz).

Technical chars

  • Thanks to the unique retaining clip, the central connector remains integral with the rest of the mechanics, facilitating cable attachment.
  • The very small dimensions and the clamp solution, without an F connector, considerably reduce the installation footprint.
  • The excellent shielding guarantees the protection of the signal from 5G and 4G LTE disturbances in the air.
  • The new mechanics with protective fins (Rev. 1) prevent the spring of the central connector from being accidentally pressed while closing the junction boxes.
  • DC pass from output to input ports on all the products.
Code 287458
Outputs 4
Insertion loss
RC 5-40MHz dB 8.1
TV 47-862MHz dB 8.7
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 9.6
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 10.5
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 11.5
Outputs Isolation
RC 5-40MHz dB 21
TV 47-862MHz dB 21
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 21
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 21
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 20
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 10
EAN code 8016978101207
Multiple EAN 8016978101481
Packaging dimensions mm 130x75x90
Product dimensions mm 82x33x23
Packaging weight Kg 0.96


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