Code 287559

OLT transmitters

Optical Line Terminal (OLT) for data distribution over optical fibre.

8xPON, Uplink: 4xGE + 2xSFP 1GE + 2xSFP+ 10GE, dual power slots.

Management via SNMP, WEB, CLI, Telnet.

Technical chars

  • Optical Line Terminal (OLT) for data distribution over optical fibre.
Code 287559
UPLINK port 4 x 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation, 2 SFP 1GE, 2 x SFP+ 10GE
Management ports 1 x 10/100 Base-T (outband management port), 1 x RJ45 (console management)
Optical output
Connector type SFP Class C++ (SC/UPC connector)
PON ports 8
PON splitting 1:128
Wavelength nm Tx: 1490/Rx: 1310
PON max. distance Mbps 1.244 (Uplink)/2.488 (Downlink)
PON max. distance Km 20
Optical power dBm 3 to 7 (@1490nm)
Optical saturation -12 (@1310nm)
Optical Sensitivity Up to -30 (@1310nm)
Layer 2 features
  • Up to 16k MAC addresses

  • Supports up to 4096 VLANs

  • Supports VLAN ports and VLAN protocols

  • VLAN Tag/Untag support, VLAN transparent transmission

  • VLAN translation and QinQ support

  • Port based storm control

  • Supports port isolation

  • Supports single port traffic limiting

  • 802.1d and 802.1w support

  • Static LACP support

  • Port based QoS, VID, TOS and MAC address

  • Access control list

  • IEEE802.x flow control

  • Statistical port stability monitoring

Layer 3 features
  • Layer 3 routing

  • ARP proxy

  • Static route

  • 1024 hardware host routes

  • 512 hardware subnet routes

Software functionality
  • IGMP snooping

  • Up to 256 multicast groups

  • DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP snooping

  • Dynamic Band Allocation (DBA)

  • Gemport traffic

  • Compliance with the ITUT984.x standard

  • Transmission distance up to 20km.

  • Support data encryption, multicast, port VLAN, separation, RSTP, etc.

  • Support ONT auto-discovery/link detection/software update remote

  • Support for VLAN splitting and user separation to avoid a broadcast storm

  • Power failure alarms to alert system operator

  • Support for Broadcasting Storm functionality

  • Support for isolation between different doors

  • ACL and SNMP support for configuration and packet filtering data

  • Designed to keep the system running and maintain system stability

  • Support for RSTP, IGMP Proxy

PON Section
Optical sensitivity Up to -30 (@1310nm)
Optical saturation -12 (@1310nm)
Max. speed 1.244 (Uplink)/2.488 (Downlink)
PON max. distance Mbps 1.244 (Uplink)/2.488 (Downlink)
Option mode
  • Status, configuration and monitoring of ports

  • Ventilation group control

  • Online configuration of ONT receivers

  • User and alarm management

Power supply voltage Vdc/A 100 - 240/50 - 60
Current consumption W 45
Operating temperature °C 0 to +50
Storage temperature °C

-40 to +85

Relative humidity % 5 to 90 (without condensation)
Dimensions and packaging
Packing Single
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978103980
Packaging dimensions mm 575 x 500 x 115
Product dimensions mm 442 x 220 x 43.6
Packaging weight Kg 6.9
Weight Kg 3.1


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