XDG 8S2-8T

Code 287649

Satellite S2

XDG 8S2-8T is the high-performance FRACARRO Digital Central Station suitable for managing TV programs in multi-user hospitality environments.

The XDG 8S2-8T central unit is capable of receiving from 8 independent Satellite transponders (DVB-S/S2/S2X) not only Free-To-Air programs, but also encoded programs (such as tivùsat) thanks to the three Common Interface Slots.

The control unit is capable of transmodulating processed satellite programs and retransmitting them to 8 digital DVB-T multiplexes or 8 DVB-C multiplexes (output modulation selectable during programming)

The XDG 8S2-8T central unit is the perfect and suitable choice for the hospitality market (hotels, villages, camping, resorts), educational (schools, university campuses), health care (hospitals, nursing homes), prisons, ships, institutional buildings and generally all multi-user facilities.

Technical chars

  • Compact "all-in-one"central unit
  • Dual installation mode: prepared for installation on 19" rack (1U standard) or wall-mounted installation
  • Up to 8 independent DVB-S2/S2X inputs
  • Up to 8 DVB-T/C outputs (output modulation selectable during programming)
  • 3 independent Common Interface slots to insert CAMs and professional smart-cards (e.g. tivùsat)
  • Forced ventilation
  • Management of all parameters via on-board web interface
  • Management of advanced parameters for each individual program (PID filtering, SID, NIT, LCN, ONID, etc.)
  • SNMP protocol support
XDG 8S2-8T
Code 287649
Input no. 8
Input level dBµV 43÷84
Demodulators DVB-S (EN300421) DVB-S2 (EN 302307-1 v1.4.1) DVB-S2X (EN 302 307-2 v1.1.1)
Symbol rate Mbps 1.5-45 (< 40 MSymb/s in 32-APSK) @ DVB-S
Remote feeding mA 250mA per input - 1000mA (total per device)
LNB controls DiSEqC 1.0
Multiplexes created 8
Output S2-E69
Max output level dBµV 95 @ DVB-C/DVB-T
Level adjustment dB From 0 to 20
MER RF dB ≥40 dB @ DVB-C, ≥36 dB @ DVB-T
DVB-T Modulation
Output 16-QAM, 64-QAM
Carriers 8k mode (DVB-T)
Guard interval modulation 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 @ DVB-T
DVB-C Modulation
Output 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM
Single channel band Related to output symbol rate
Symbol rate Mbps From 1 to 7,5 MSymb/s (DVB-C)
Connectors 9x F-Female (8x RF input, 1x RF output), 1x RJ45 (100 Base-T for configuration)
Programming mode Web interface
Current consumption W 50
Common interface 3 x PCMCIA (Standard EN50221, TS10169)
Operating temperature °C -10 to +50 (without the CAM)
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978106837
Packaging dimensions mm 575 x 325 x 50
Product dimensions mm 485 x 275 x 45
Packaging weight Kg 4


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