Residence Hotel Olivo

TV and SAT IF/IF Fiber Optic system

Design: Sartori Trade Srl – Ufficio tecnico Ivan Pistore, Padova (PD)
Installation: Sala G. Franco & C. Snc, Bardolino (VR)
Location: Garda, Verona


To offer residence customers an optimal service in the choice of television programmes. Adopt a flexible solution, capable of ensuring high performance even with future technological evolutions.


To meet the customer’s needs, it was decided to create a fiber optic system, exploiting the advantages of this vector both in terms of flexibility and technological openness, and in terms of ease of installation, even in the most confined spaces.

To reduce site activities, the headend and substations were assembled, wired and programmed in the laboratory; this type of service is necessary to minimize the unexpected on site and take care of all the installation phases down to the smallest detail.
All the coaxial cables coming from the roof are connected to the control unit, 4x the SAT, 2x the TV and 2 spares for future needs.

The presence of TV-Hotels with double tuner has suggested the creation of a mixed system with the SAT part with IF/IF conversion, making the distribution of the signals easier: from the substations only 1 cable per apartment while the 3 internal sockets are connected in a junction box via divider.

sartori trade
impianto fibra ottica

Plant and products

The receiving system, installed at the top of the building on the 3rd floor, is made up of 2 LP45F LTE antennas (with an excellent MER/cBER ratio also in this particular area of Lake Garda) and < strong>1 Penta 85 dish with LNB VH/VH oriented on Astra 19°East (given the preference of the German clientele typical of this area).

Thanks to the FRPRO-EVO IT central unit it was possible to easily optimize the channels to be distributed.

The 13 SAT transponders of Astra 19°Est are selected via the SCD2-32IF SSA IF/IF conversion control unit.
The mixing takes place upstream of the control units, shunting 2 outputs for the risers served by coaxial cables, to then feed the OPT-TX DT optical transmitter.

The optical signal is split on 10 uprights by means of the 1×16 PLC optical divider; to optimize the input values of the optical receivers installed in the substations it was necessary to interpose a 3dB optical attenuator.

The optical connections were made with Single Mode 9/125 fiber, connectorized SC/APC.

The system includes OPT-RX QUAD receivers: 3 outputs serve the respective 3 apartments of the vertical line, while the 4th output serves as a Test socket.

Inside each apartment a PA3 divider connects the signal to the 3 PDM00 demix sockets and the TV/SAT signal is available on each output.

The LCN tuning of the SAT channels has been optimized in the laboratory; upon customer request, numerical priority is assigned to the most interesting channels and subdivision by content (news, children’s programmes, sports, etc.).

The substations are shared with the data system, also in optical fiber (multi-mode 50/125 OM3.) for horizontal distributions.

Systeme scheme

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