Code 220854

CAD-S Series

4-output clamp tap with 14dB attenuation of the CAD-S series in TV and Satellite band (5-2400MHz).

Technical chars

  • Perfect Class A shielding and optimal impedance matching.
  • CAD-S series taps are the only wideband taps with a dedicated clamp on each cable to use different diameter cables on adjacent ports.
  • Fracarro's patented features make them reliable and easy to install.
Code 220854
Taps 4
Insertion loss
RC 5-40MHz dB 3.5
TV 47-862MHz dB 3.3
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 3.7
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 4.5
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 5
Tap loss
RC 5-40MHz dB 14
TV 47-862MHz dB 14
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 14.5
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 14.5
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 14.5
Outputs Isolation
RC 5-40MHz dB 30
TV 47-862MHz dB 30
SAT 950-1750MHz dB 30
SAT 1750-2150MHz dB 25
SAT 2150-2400MHz dB 25
Tap loss dB 14
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 8
EAN code 8016978075140
Multiple EAN 8016978075560
Packaging dimensions mm 155 x 90 x 65
Packaging weight Kg 1.161


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