Code 270904


Wide Fibre transmitter to manage RF signals from two satellite dish equipped with wideband LNBs (V, H) and a digital terrestrial antenna, also combining FM and DAB radio signals.

The OPT-TX WB1 is equipped with 5 separate lasers that can handle 4 wideband polarities and TV signal separately and uses Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology to combine the different optical wavelengths and transmit them on a single-mode optical fiber 9/125µm.

Technical chars

  • 2 satellites with wideband LNB and input for TV, DAB and FM signals

  • Compact size

  • Dual DC input F type connectors for redundant power supply to ensure continuity of service

  • AGC on all coaxial inputs for maximum signal processing stability

  • Dedicated laser at each wideband SAT polarity and TV section, for maximum RF signal quality

  • Status LEDs for each input for quick diagnostics

  • Included power supply unit; the transmitter can also be fed from V and H inputs

Code 270904
Input RF 5 (4 SAT + 1 TV)
Optical Output 1 x SC/APC
SAT inputs
Bandwidth MHz 290-2340
SAT Connectors F Female
Output level SAT dBµV 60-85@TP
Return loss dB 6
Input TV
Connectors F Female
Input level dBµV 63-90 @MUX
Frequency band MHz 88-790
Return loss dB 6
Optical output
Wavelength nm 1310 (SatA V), 1330 (SatA H), 1350 (SatB V), 1370 (SatB H), 1550 (TV)
Optical power dBm 6 (±1)
Optical return loss dB >30
Safety class 1M
Power supply voltage V 12-18
Current consumption mA 750@12V
  • Green LED fixed ON: input RF signal in the correct operating range

  • Green LED slowly blinking: input RF signal too low

  • Green fast blinking: input RF signal too high

  • Red LED fixed ON: possible failure of the corresponding laser

Operating temperature °C -10 to +55
Storage temperature °C -40 to +70
Conformity CEI EN 50083-2 EN60065
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978108527
Product dimensions mm 114 x 230 x 31


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