Code 287644

CODFM/QAM receivers

GX-4C2CI-BP-00 receiver module is equipped with one RF coaxial input connector (F Female) and two PCMCIA Common Interface slots. The module is able to tune up to four DVB-C digital QAM multiplexes, decrypt the scrambled programs through the C.I. slots and share and pool the contents to the GALAXIA main chassis.

Technical chars

  • 1 RF coaxial input connector (F Female)
  • Tunes up to 4 DVB-C multiplexes (Annex A/C)
  • 2 PCMCIA Common Interface slots capable of decoding programs from any of the 4 QAM tuners on board the module
  • "Hot-pluggable" module
  • On-board WEB interface: programming of all parameters is easily done via HTML web interface
Code 287644
Input no. 1( 4 Channels)
Input no. 4 QAM multiplexes available on a female F connector
Input band MHz 47-862
Input level dBµV 40-80
Demodulators DVB-C: 16QAM/32QAM/64QAM/128QAM/256QAM
Symbol rate MS/s From 3.6 to 6.952
Connectors 1x F-female (RF)
Current consumption W 9.5
Common interface 2 x PCMCIA (Standard EN50221, TS10169)
Operating temperature °C -5 to +50


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