FVM Technology

The FVM (Flexible Voltage Management) function was designed by Fracarro to manage the power supply of products according to an order of priority

When installing the dCSS system, it is good to take into account that the current consumption of this new technology on the user port is about 350mA, much higher than the traditional legacy (about 50-100mA).

To better adapt to the needs of the system, Fracarro has devised the innovative FVM (Flexible Voltage Management) which provides for different modes of voltage control; the products can in fact be powered in order of priority: from the DC-IN port, from the VL line or from the decoder alone, without acting on an external dip switch.

Thanks to the FVM technology it is possible to solve all the remote feeding problems present on the systems, because the products can be powered with an external power supply (in the 12-18V range) to reduce the current load on the taps and guarantee their operation with any type of decoders, even in systems with long sections of coaxial cables; the DC passthrough on all the ports and the direct line on HH guarantee the continuity of the remote feeding and compatibility with the multiswitches already installed.

Power supply from DC-IN port

The products are equipped with an F DC-IN connector, the voltage present on this connector takes over the entire power supply of the multiswitch and is automatically blocked towards the LNB, so as not to interfere with the existing system; the trunk lines become secondary even if crossed by a higher voltage and the load to the decoder on the user port drops to 85mA. This solution is ideal for inserting a multiswitch in an existing system, because it keeps consumption on the backbone of the building unchanged.

Power supply from VL line

This type of system is the most common, multiswitches and LNBs are entirely powered by the building backbone and the consumption of the decoder on the user port drops to 85mA. The VH and HL lines can be used to share the load on more complex systems and the voltage on the VL line is also sent to the VH input in order to power two different LNBs with a single power supply.

Power supply from decoder only

This mode is activated when there is no voltage on the DC-IN connector or on the VL line and is useful for limiting the load of the multiswitch on the backbone even when there is no possibility of bringing a voltage to the floor; in this case:

the voltage from the decoder is automatically blocked towards the LNB in order not to bring too much load to the user port
the voltage on the HL line is also sent to the VH input in order to power two different LNBs with a single power supply.

With this type of power supply:

SWI8… dSCR UK: Cascadable 5-input SCD2 (dCSS) multiswitches, CAGC and 4 or 8 taps with 16 frequencies each, powered entirely by decoder.
SCD2-5..W series: the entire multiswitch is powered by a decoder, just install a power supply for the LNB
SCD2-5..WTA series: only the TV and Satellite input amplifiers are powered by the HL and/or VH lines, the SCD2 output part is powered by the decoder to minimize the load on the system backbone and avoid installation errors.